BARTEC MC93ex-NI Mobile Computer

  • effektiv: 2 Scanmodule zur Auswahl, Scanreichweite bis zu 21,3 m
  • anwenderfreundlich: 4,3"-Display, Tastenfeld mit 4 Tastaturoptionen, Pistolengriff
  • intelligent: SD 660 Octa-Core-CPU, Android 11 aufrüstbar bis Android 14, Zebra Mobility DNA
  • unempfindlich: Sturzresistenz 2,4 m, IP65, für ATEX/IECEx Zone 2/22 bzw. UL Class I, II, III Div. 2 zugelassen

The mobile computer BARTEC MC93ex-NI offers a robust solution for mobile data handling in hazardous areas of zone 2/22 (ATEX/IECEx) and Class I, II, III Div. 2 (UL). The PDT was developed in cooperation with Zebra and offers strong computing power and flexible data collection options. The MC93ex-NI is Android-based and upgradeable to version Android 14. The combination of touchscreen, physical keyboard and pistol grip ensures convenient operation and provides a useful solution for many industries. Because of its extremely robust construction, the solid handheld is suitable for harsh environments.

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BARTEC MC93ex-NI: Portable Data Terminal for Areas with Potentially Explosive Atmosphere

Versatile mobile computer: Because of its robust design and adaptable features, the MC93ex-NI handheld data terminal from BARTEC can be used for various applications, for example, in manufacturing, warehousing, or transport and logistics. It is equipped with a pistol grip and ideal for scan-intensive workflows. In particular, the MC93ex-NI offers the required safety where an explosive atmosphere may occur for a short time. It is approved for ATEX or IECEx areas of zone 2/22 and UL areas Class I, II, III Division 2.

Accurate data collection: Depending on the application field, different requirements are placed on the performance of a barcode scanner. Often, a scan module with a standard range is sufficient for capturing common bar and matrix codes. For some applications, however, a scanner with a longer range is preferable. For example, in large-scale or high-bay warehouses, it can be time saving to use a scanner which is able to capture barcodes from long distances. The MC93ex-NI mobile computer can be equipped with a scan engine that suits your company’s requirements. Two Zebra scan engines are available: the standard-range scan engine SE4770-SR with a scan range up to 91.6 cm and the extended-range scan engine SE4850-ER with a range of over 21 m. Both barcode scanners work accurately and capture 1D and 2D barcodes in nearly any condition.

Design and use: The combination of touchscreen and keypad ensures convenient use of the MC93ex-NI PDT. The 4.3-inch display can be operated with gloves. Corning Gorilla Glass protects the screen from manual damage. 4 keypad options are available: standard alphanumeric or VT emulation, function numeric or numeric with calculator. The keypad can be replaced on site.

Future-proof CPU and OS solution: The handheld terminal MC93ex-NI is equipped with the powerful Qualcomm octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor. It offers 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash. Storage capacity can be expanded by up to 256 GB via microSD card. The current Android 11 OS can be upgraded to Android 14.

Software package included: With the BARTEC MC93ex-NI, you also get the benefits of Zebra’s Mobility DNA. The proven software solutions of the Mobility DNA form the basis for optimal use of the mobile computer—from integration to improved application performance and network security.

Wireless connectivity: With MU-MIMO technology and Wireless Analyzer (part of the Mobility DNA), the mobile data terminal MC93ex-NI provides reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

Powerful battery: Long battery runtime and fast charging ensures that the mobile computer is always ready for use. The battery can be changed in non-hazardous areas while the device is running.

Accessories: Battery (certified for ATEX/IECEx zone 2/22; UL Class I, II, III Div. 2), 4 keypad options, leather carry case, hand strap, various charging and docking stations