CAB SQUIX Series Label Printers

  • flexible: stand-alone operation or connected to host system
  • convenient: large color touch screen for intuitive use
  • first-class: industry-grade materials, premium-quality components
  • multifaceted: several interfaces, OPC UA and WebDAV ready, SD card slot, large accessory range
  • adaptable: various models for multiple applications, large media variety (paper, cardboard, plastics, textile tape)

What are your requirements? Do you need to print small-sized labels for vials in a laboratory? Or do you require large labels for cardboard boxes? Do you print on pressed shrink tubes or on textile labels? If you do not want to compromise, you should find exactly the right printer for your applications. With the SQUIX printer series, the German manufacturer CAB provides a large variety of label printing solutions.

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CAB SQUIX: Industrial Printer Series

Industrial-grade printers: The SQUIX label printers by CAB are characterized by their durable construction and advanced print technology. Premium materials and a reliable printing mechanism ensure a long-term use of the desktop printers. They are suitable for industrial environments and can be equipped with additional protective measures, for example a cover for food applications or a chassis for dust protection.

Excellent print quality: Depending on the model, the SQUIX desktop label printers reach a print resolution of up to 600 dpi. High precision and sharp contours allow the printing of text, graphics and barcodes even on very tiny or slim labels. A wide range of media options provides high flexibility.

Increased efficiency: The compact printing devices of the SQUIX series by CAB can reach print speeds of up to 300 mm per second. By means of an external rewinder, it is possible to print labels in advance for later use.

User-friendly operation: Because of the 4.3-inch icon-based operation panel, the SQUIX label printers can be used intuitively. They can also be remotely controlled with mobile devices. A pool of how-to videos provides instruction on various topics, such as media loading, maintenance and handling.

Easy integration and use: The SQUIX printers for versatile labeling solutions offer multiple interfaces, including USB host, USB 2.0 high-speed device, Ethernet 10/100, RS-232-C. A digital I/O interface comes as standard on peel-off devices and can be added to basic devices as option. By means of the SD card slot, internal memory can be extended by up to 512 GB. The printers of the SQUIX series are also OPC UA and WebDAV enabled, for instance for automated or cloud-based processes.

Software: For optimal print results, CAB provides the label software cablabel S3 Lite (standard) or cablabel S3 Pro (option). The printers are also compatible with third-party labeling software solutions, such as CODESOFT, Loftware, and BarTender.  Drivers are available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Are you looking for an RFID-enabled printing solution? The CAB SQUIX 4.3M and 4M are also available with UHF RFID capabilities. There are three RFID modules to choose from: for standard RFID tags, for on-metal or high-sensitivity RFID tags. For more detailed information on the RFID versions, please refer to the data sheet.

Do you require extra wide labels? For some applications, particularly large labels are needed. CAB also provides a printer for such applications. The CAB A8+ can process labels with a maximum width of 220 mm and offers a print width of up to 216 mm. Please feel free to contact us for more information and detailed support.


External operation panel


Barcode verifier

Tube applicator


External rewinders


All-round labeler (360°)


Protective covers, e. g. for food applications, dust protection (IP52)