Datalogic Gryphon GBT/GM4500 Barcode Scanner

  • simple: easy to use
  • wireless: wireless charging
  • versatile: for a variety of applications and industries

Datalogic’s Gryphon GBT/GM4500 are the successors of the successful 4400 series (GBT4400/GM4400). These handheld scanners are made for general purpose applications. They provide outstanding performance and omnidirectional scanning. The Datalogic Gryphon 4500 series is either with Bluetooth (GBT4500) or with narrow band radio (GM4500) available.

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Datalogic Gryphon GBT/GM4500: 2D Handheld Scanners

The Gryphon GBT4500 and GM4500 belong to the new 4500 2D scanner series from Datalogic. The series consists of two scanner versions for general purpose applications and provides outstanding performance. There is a Bluetooth version available (GBT4500) as well as a narrow band radio communication model (GM4500 with Datalogic’s STAR cordless system).

The new Gryphon 4500 series provides omnidirectional scanning of 1D/2D codes, postal codes, stacked codes. There is also a model available that supports Digital Watermarking. The handheld scanners come with highly visible white illumination and the well-known 4-dot-aimer as well as the ‘Green Spot’ technology for a clear good-read feedback.

The 2D barcode scanner series 4500 by Datalogic also offers wireless charging and is easy to operate. It is predestined for the use in a wide range of areas, for example in retail, manufacturing, access and ticket control, commercial services as well as in healthcare areas.

Beside standard range models (SR) there are high density (HD) models available as well. The Gryphon barcode scanner series 4500 can be used either in presentation or in handheld mode. The devices are sealed in accordance with protection class IP52. They are equipped with USB, RS-232 and KBW interfaces. Choose between the colors black or white. Additionally, there is a special healthcare-version available (Gryphon 4500-HC).