Epson TM-T88V Series Label Printers

When it comes to POS applications the TM-T88V series from Epson is the right decision. The receipt printer offers you an all-round solution. Various interfaces, flexible print width and multiple energy-saving features make the Epson TM-T88V series the best of its generation.

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EPSON TM-T88V Series: First class Thermal Printing

  • eco-friendly: material and energy-saving
  • fast: high printing speed of 300 mm per second
  • compatible: even with older versions
  • high-class: resolution of 180 dpi
  • versatile: suitable for grafics and logos

The receipt printers of the TM-T88V series from Epson ensure an all-round optimized cash register system. With these receipt printers you get ideal partners, that provide best quality in seconds.

The ENERGY STAR-rated receipt printers are especially energy and material saving and therefore precisely adapted to today’s needs. With a printing speed of 300 mm per second there are no more long queues at the checkout. You will receive 4 years of manufacturing warranty on these printers – this guarantees constant quality.

The TM-T88V series delivers top quality receipts with a dot density of 180 dpi. The unique grey print allows the printing of logos and graphics on receipts. This way your documents can be designed individually and visually appealing.

Features such as stand-by mode and the drop-in procedure make printer operation much easier. This allows you to load the print media faster and save precious time. The stand-by mode saves valuable energy and is doing something good for the environment. The receipt printers are also very robust and resistant to splashing water. With its 150 km running time, the print head will last very long. The maintenance costs are also reduced, since these receipt printers are particularly low-maintenance due to their longevity.

There are also various connections and interfaces available. The USB port allows you to connect your printers to almost any device. An optional Ethernet interface allows you to get extra-fast, trouble-free Internet access so you can control the printer, which simplifies many operations.

The Epson TM-T88V receipt printer series is one of the most flexible and newest printers for POS systems currently available on the market. If you already own one of its predecessors, this is no problem because the latest generation is fully compatible with the older versions.

Technical specifications:
• Printing width from 80 to 58 mm
• Printing speed of 300 mm per second
• USB port, optional Ethernet interface
• Cable cover
• Space-Optimizer