Gittel GMS 1600 Mobile Trolley

  • mobile: unlimited flexibility at work
  • powerful: strong 200 Ah or 300 Ah rechargeable batteries
  • tailored: large variety of options for individual configuration

The mobile work station GMS 1600 LiFe by Gittel is an ideal solution if computer equipment needs to be mobile and transportable. The smart computer trolley excels with solid workmanship and is equipped with powerful lithium iron phosphate batteries that provide energy for all required electronic equipment, including a laser printer. The Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe mobile computer station is highly customizable to exactly suit your needs.

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GITTEL GMS 1600 LiFe: Mobile Computer Station with High Energy Performance

The powerful lithium iron phosphate batteries make the Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe work station totally independent. The 200 Ah standard batteries provide power for up to 15 hours. For even more energy, the cart is also available with a 300 Ah batteries, lasting for up to 22 hours. By means of the high-performance batteries, the computer as well as multiple devices can be connected und run smoothly at any location. The GMS 1600 LiFe IT cart provides a permanent current of 1600 watts and up to 3000 watts peak load. Due to the high energy consumption of a laser printer, most mobile work stations do not provide enough power. The Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe, however, allows the unrestricted use of a laser printer.

The exceedingly flexible design of the Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe computer trolley contributes to a seamless workflow. Its dimensions are 1060 x 620 x595 (height x width x depth) and it can be loaded with maximal 225 kg. The cart is equipped with castors and fixing brakes to enable easy movement and secure positioning. A 6-socket power board with RCCB allows the connection of multiple devices. The hard-wearing work station also comes with a 5 m cable reel. Battery status is continually monitored and displayed on a small screen which is integrated into the table top. The battery life cycle is up to 10 years.

With a large variety of options, the Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe can be precisely customized to individual needs. For example, the size can be adjusted and drawers or shelves added. There are also monitor mounting options and waterproof built-in keyboard units (protection class IP65) available. For wireless connection, a WiFi antenna can be integrated. If the cart is used in cold storage or freezer areas, battery heating and printhead heating for printers are available.

The mobile station Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe is a powerful and versatile solution for demanding work areas, such as warehouses, airports, freight stations, maintenance halls and other industrial environments.