Honeywell SG20 Healthcare Barcode Scanner

  • hygienic: withstands disinfecting agents
  • simple: omnidirectional point and shoot scanning
  • flexible: corded or cordless, LED or laser aimer

The Honeywell SG20 Healthcare barcode scanners assure best possible patient care by eliminating mistakes and enhancing efficiency. The high-performance 2D scanners improve procedures at the patient reception desk as well as on medical trolleys, in patient rooms, in laboratories etc. The SG20 Healthcare disinfectant-proof barcode readers present the perfect solution for all healthcare areas.

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Honeywell SG20 Healthcare Barcode Scanner: Safety-conscious

Better appliances for better results – the Honeywell SG20 Healthcare scanning devices are perfectly easy to use. They can be integrated into all common healthcare management frameworks. The handheld scanners read 1D as well as 2D barcodes and due to omnidirectional scanning capabilities and an extraordinarily high motion tolerance, they work reliable and fast. Through the multi-color LED on top the user gets a bright visual feedback after each successful scan.

To minimize the danger of spreading germs, the Honeywell SG20 Healthcare scanners can be cleaned regularly with strong disinfectants. They are rated protection class IP30.

Depending on the application field, the SG20 Healthcare handheld scanners are available as corded version or with Bluetooth 2.1 Class II + EDR for greater mobility. The SG20 model with LED aimer is the ideal solution for applications directly facing the patient.

As the Honeywell SG20 Healthcare series is ultraflexible in use, a whole system of barcode scanners can be precisely tailored to the requirements of all the various work places within the company. This ensures a consistent structure throughout the business.

Honeywell SG20 Healthcare models:
SG20 with EA30 area imager with laser aimer, corded or cordless
SG20 with EA31 area imager with LED aimer, corded or cordless