Zebra DS4308 Healthcare Barcode Scanner

  • versatile applications: hospital, pharmacy etc.
  • easy handling: aim, trigger, ready
  • high quality: PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology
  • sturdy construction: IP42 standard, disinfectant resistant
  • reliable: scans of virtually any medium

The hospital and other areas of health care are particularly finely balanced work areas. This is where accuracy is important - to protect the patients, but also to give the staff the feeling that each patient has received the right medication and treatment. For that the Zebra DS4308-HC barcode scanner can be a crucial building block.

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ZEBRA DS4308-HC: For a Plus of Security

There must be no confusion in medication allocation, tracking of medical samples, patient identification and the recording and administration of electronic patient data. An electronic capture and tracking system ensures patient safety and increases productivity in care. The Zebra DS4308-HC barcode scanner sets standards in scanning performance, versatility and ease of use.

The PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology decodes barcodes in seconds and the highly developed megapixel sensor allows the reading of barcodes from virtually any surface – from paper, from screens, but also from uneven or curved surfaces. In addition, barcodes with high storage densities can be easily read on a tiny surface, as they often occur in health care. Even barcodes that are scratched, dirty or badly printed can be easily scanned.

The Zebra DS4308-HC is ideally suited for use with mobile workstations. It withstands falls from 1.83 m height on concrete several times without losing performance. The sealing corresponds to the IP42 standard and the disinfectant-resistant plastic is also suitable for aggressive detergents.

The DS4308-HC is a barcode scanner for a comfortable way of working. A bright and clear target point helps in capturing the barcode. However, the lighting is not unpleasant or pungent to the eye, but a special LED wavelength produces a soft, unobtrusive light during scanning so that the process is both pleasant for the staff as well as for the patients. When the information is successfully read, it is possible to select a signal that can be adapted to the situation: visual (green / red light), haptic (vibration) or acoustic.

Reliable work improves the quality of performance – especially in a critical working environment. With Zebra’s DS4308-HC your employees are well-equipped to deal with all the challenges that the fast and accurate data collection and processing involves.