ZEBRA FS20/VS20 Fixed Scanner

  • compact: 54,6 mm × 28,3 mm × 94,2 mm (W× H × D), 195 g
  • powerful:2-megapixel sensor, on-site replaceable LED illumination (red/white), high read rates of up to 60 fps
  • simple: out-of-the-box solution, intuitive and customizable software platform Aurora
  • upgradeable: toolsets for machine vision, decoder packages
  • flexible: 4 x I/O connection, Ethernet, GPIO, RS-232; Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP

The stationary scanners in the Zebra FS/VS series enable customizable track-and-trace and inspection processes for quality assurance. The compact stationary scanner FS/VS20 is the smallest barcode scanner with machine vision capabilities. Variable license models allow tools for machine vision solutions to be added at the right time and to the required extent. Because of its small size, the FS/VS20 fixed scanner can be installed even where space is limited. The device is particularly suitable for processes in production, warehousing, and logistics. A range of connections and communication protocols enable integration into a programmable logic controller or a host network. The software platform Aurora from Zebra provides flexible applications to control automated processes.

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ZEBRA FS/VS20: Small Fixed Scanner with Machine Vision Capabilities

Small device, maximum effect: It is essential to ensure transparency and quality along the entire supply chain. Particularly with regard to an international flow of goods, the time factor also plays an important role. Maximum efficiency can be achieved with a stationary scanner system. The extremely compact FS/VS20 stationary scanner is equipped with a powerful standard range scan engine. The lens has a 35-degree field of view. The 1.2-megapixel sensor enables high-speed 1D and 2D barcode capture. It reads barcodes from a distance of between approx. 5 cm and 60 cm. To suit the requirements on site, you can choose between red and white LED illumination. It is also possible to connect an external strobe light. The read rate can be increased to up to 60 frames per second by means of a license upgrade. Does your workflow require automatic text recognition (OCR)? Or do you need a scanner that is capable of capturing direct part markings (DPM)? No problem. These capabilities can be added as required via software license.

Straightforward implementation: With the FS/VS series, Zebra offers stationary scanners that can be easily integrated and adapted to changing requirements. The FS/VS20 is equipped with numerous interface connections and enables several communication protocols. This facilitates integration into existing systems, such as a PLC or a host network. The FS/VS20 can be powered via mains or Ethernet cable (PoE). It is possible to connect peripheral devices. The scanner’s auto-tune function enables automatic setup.

Intuitive and expandable software platform: Control automation and machine vision solutions with one powerful software platform—Aurora. Stationary scanners can be configured, managed, and controlled via an easy-to-understand, browser-based dashboard. The FS/VS20 is machine vision capable and can be used for complex inspections, for example. Machine vision toolsets can be added as required. With “Golden Image Compare”, an optimal image helps finding deviations and errors quickly and solve problems asap. “Object Locate” finds objects even in different positions or with different lighting. The “PRZM Intelligent Imaging” application enables barcodes to be read correctly in any condition, i. e. even if they are poorly printed, dirty, or damaged. “ImagePerfect+” captures up to 16 different settings of an object. In addition to the machine vision toolsets, further packages can be added, such as new barcode symbologies, deep learning OCR or faster barcode capture (see below for details).

Suitable for industrial environments: The FS/VS20 has a chemical- and oil-resistant aluminum housing. The scanner is also resistant to shocks and vibrations. The operating temperature is between 0 °C and 45 °C (40 °C, PoE). The scanner is protected against the ingress of dust and liquids in accordance with protection class IP65.

Decoder Packages:

-1D/2D Fast and OCR: read rate of up to 60 fps, OCR

-1D/2D DPM Lite and OCR: read rate of 5 fps, DPM capture, OCR

-1D/2D DPM Full and OCR: read rate of up to 60 fps, DPM capture, OCR

-1D/2D Trainable OCR: ultra-fast and high-precision OCR

I/O Ports: 4 programmable I/O ports (2 in/2 out), i. e. for connection with peripheral devices

Interfaces: M12 X-coded Ethernet, M12 12-pin Power/GPIO/RS-232

Communication Protocols: Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP

Further models in the Zebra FS/VS series: