Zebra MC9400/MC9450 Mobile Computers

  • praxisnah: Touchscreen, Handgriff, 7 wechselbare Tastaturoptionen
  • effektiv: 2 Scanengines zur Auswahl, u. a. SE58 mit Scanreichweite über 30 m
  • performant: Octa-Core-CPU Qualcomm 4490, Android-OS aufrüstbar bis Version 17
  • zeitgemäß: Wi-Fi 6E, 5G und GPS (MC9450, nur Daten), Bluetooth 5.3
  • sicher: biometrische Gesichtserkennung, WPA3-Enterprise
  • robust: Sturzresistenz bis 2,4 m über gesamte Temperaturspanne von -20 °C bis +50 °C, IP65 und IP68, Gorilla-Glas, Modell für Tiefkühlbereiche bis -30 °C

With the MC9400 and MC9450, Zebra offers a new generation of ultra-rugged mobile computers to accelerate and optimize workflows in industry and retail. The extremely robust PDTs are available with a new scan engine that enables barcode capture from a distance of over 30 meters. Latest wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E and 5G (MC9450 only) ensure fast and reliable data connections to increase productivity. A state-of-the-art processor delivers significantly higher performance than previous platforms. The operating system is upgradeable. The Zebra MC9400 series’ industrial handheld terminals meet the requirements of modern work processes and provide maximum reliability even under the most difficult environmental conditions.

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ZEBRA MC9400/MC9450: Ultra-rugged Industrial Handheld Computers

Improve processes: The two data terminals MC9400 and MC9450 from Zebra are equipped with a 4.3-inch touch display. It can be operated with work gloves and when the screen is wet. There is a choice of seven replaceable keypad options. For convenient handling, the devices have a pistol grip design with a scan trigger.

High-performance barcode capture: Choose from two barcode scanner options to suit your requirements. The new SE58 scan engine offers spectacular performance at close and long range. It captures barcodes and QR codes at close range and at a distance of over 30 m. Thanks to IntelliFocus technology, the focus adjusts at lightning speed, enabling ultra-fast barcode capture. The new scanning technology enables streamlined workflows, as workers can capture barcodes, for example, from the forklift or they can capture barcodes from the floor even in the highest compartment. If required, the scanner can be used with optical character recognition via OCR wedge. Another option is the SE4770 standard range imager which enables 1D and 2D barcode capture at close range up to around 60 cm.

State-of-the-art processor technology and upgradeable OS: The octa-core processor Qualcomm 4490 with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz handles data flows and modern business applications with ease. The terminals provide 6 GB RAM. The storage capacity of 128 GB can be expanded by up to 2 TB using a MicroSD card. The MC9400 series is Android-based and “Android Enterprise Recommended” certified. The operating system is upgradeable through Android 17. With the Zebra Mobility DNA software suite, numerous tools are available to manage the devices and increase their performance. It also includes additional functions for Android as well as the option to use and restrict GMS as required.

Up-to-date wireless technologies: The MC9400 series’ handhelds are equipped with Wi-Fi 6E which enables the fastest and most reliable internet ever. The MC9450 additionally provides 5G cellular (Nano-SIM/eSIM, data SIM only) and enables GPS access. Both mobile computers also offer energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.3.

Security: In many companies, mobile devices are used by several employees. Biometric facial recognition ensures secure access.

PTT solutions: Various VoIP options from Workcloud Communication can be integrated for voice communication as well as for sending text messages and multimedia content.

Cameras: The MC9400 and MC9450 handheld data terminals are equipped with two cameras, an 8-megapixel front camera which can, for example, be used for video calls, and a 16-megapixel rear camera for photo capture.

PowerPrecision+ battery: The mobile computers are equipped with a powerful battery enabling hot swap and fast charging. A BLE battery with device tracker can be used to locate the terminals even when the battery is empty.

For real-world industrial applications: The MC9400 and the MC9450 are designed for use in a wide variety of environments. Whether in retail and warehousing, transportation and logistics or in manufacturing, the two mobile computers are an ideal choice wherever robustness is required and reliability in data collection and transmission is important. Their robust design makes them resistant to drops and vibrations. They are also sealed against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection classes IP65 and IP68. The rugged terminals can be used outdoors in any weather conditions. There is a freezer model for use in deep-freeze warehouses available. It is equipped with a heated touch panel and scan window and can withstand temperatures down to -30 °C.

Accessories are backward compatible (MC9300/MC9200).

Accessories: Various multi-slot chargers for devices/batteries, standard battery, battery with BLE beacon, battery for freezer model, protective boot, holster, shoulder strap, forklift mount, keypad options: 53 keys (standard), 53 keys (TE5250), 53 keys (TE VT), 58, 43, 34, or 29 keys (including function keys)