Zebra RS2100 Barcode Scanner

  • convenient: hand strap leaves palm free, fits all hand sizes
  • easy: simple operation, flat design (14.6 mm), light weight (31 g), integrated battery
  • efficient: reads 1D and 2D barcodes even in poor condition, Bluetooth, Device Tracker (optional)

Because of its flat and lightweight design, the wearable scanner RS2100 from Zebra integrates seamlessly into highly mobile workflows. It is attached to the back of the hand and is barely noticeable when working. The RS2100 offers an ideal solution for scan-intensive processes in warehousing, retail, or production, for example.

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ZEBRA RS2100: Small, lightweight, affordable

Hands free: The compact barcode reader Zebra RS2100 can be attached to a hand strap which leaves the palm free and enables convenient movement. The hand strap is available for right-handed and left-handed users. With the SE4770 standard range scan module, all common barcodes and matrix codes can be captured at close range and up to approx. one meter away. Once a barcode has been successfully read, the user receives visual, acoustic and/or haptic feedback.

Simple: The RS2100 offers an out-of-the-box solution for effective barcode capture. The software tools in Zebra’s Mobility DNA support setup and management of the devices. They also enhance performance of the wearable scanner. The PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology, for example, enables error-free capture of barcodes that are damaged, poorly printed or smudged. This eliminates unnecessary delays and results in faster work processes.

Flexible: The RS2100 can be quickly connected to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile computer with NFC tap to pair. Zebra also offers homogenous wearable solutions, for example with the WT6400 or WT5400 wearable data terminals. If you do not use mobile computers for your workflows, it is possible to connect up to seven scanners to a stationary PC simultaneously using a Bluetooth adapter.

Easy to locate: Companies incur a huge loss every year due to misplaced or lost devices. The RS2100 can be used with a device tracker. This software tool saves time searching for scanners as they can be easily located. All that is required is a license.

Durable: The RS2100 wearable barcode scanner is made for everyday use at work. Whether picking, restocking shelves, loading and unloading trucks or delivering goods, the RS2100 can withstand bumps and even falls from a height of up to 1.8 meters. It is protected against dust and water in accordance with protection class IP54. The small wearable offers a clever and cost-effective solution for barcode scanning, even on a large scale.