Zebra WT5400 Mobile Computers

  • powerful: Wi-Fi 6E, Qualcomm QCS4490 CPU, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB Flash, 4.7" touchscreen
  • easy: Zebra Mobility DNA Software Tools, PTT, 3 function keys
  • future proof: long-term upgradeable OS
  • durable: Operation temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C, drop resistance: 1.2 m or 1.8 m, IP65/IP67, 3 wrist strap options

The Zebra wearable computer WT5400 is primarily aimed at retailers. Whether in retail or e-commerce, the compact device is ideal for efficient inventory management, incoming and outgoing goods, shelf replenishment and order picking. As the mobile computer is worn comfortably on the arm, your hands remain free to carry out tasks. The latest Wi-Fi technology and a modern CPU support fast data processing and transmission. This ensures that your company’s ERP data is always up to date. With its 4.7-inch touch display, the WT5400 mobile computer offers a well-sized user interface. Thanks to its robust design, it can also withstand heavy use.

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ZEBRA WT5400: Intelligent Wearable Computer for the Retail Sector

A clever solution for retail workflows: Instead of carrying a data terminal in your hand for tasks such as restocking goods in a shop or packing goods for shipping, simply snap the wearable Zebra WT5400 onto the wristband and you’re ready to go. All the information needed for the job is available at a glance while your hands are free for work. Because of its flat and lightweight design, the WT5400 is pleasant to use even over an extended period of time. The 4.7-inch display provides a convenient user interface. The touchscreen can even be operated with light gloves. Three programmable function keys allow quick access to frequently used applications.

A future-proof investment: Zebra’s WT5400 mobile computer is designed to offer companies a long-term option. Therefore, it is equipped with an advanced octa-core processor from Qualcomm, which supports the new tri-band Wi-Fi 6E technology. When it comes to juggling data, using sophisticated business applications and high-speed internet, the WT5400 offers features that meet today’s requirements as well as those of the future. The integrated Android 13 operating system can be upgraded through version 17. Security protocols such as WPA3 Enterprise ensure enterprise-grade Wi-Fi security. The wearable computer is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and NFC and is PTT ready.

Data capture with Zebra wearable scanners: Customize barcode capture in accordance with your company’s requirements and working processes by adding one of the Zebra wearable scanner options. Compatible models include the RS2100, RS5100 and RS6100.

Robust equipment for everyday work: The WT5400 mobile computer is sealed against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection classes IP65 and IP67. The operating temperature is between -20 °C and +50 °C. At room temperature (from 23 °C), the WT5400 can withstand drops from a height of 1.8 m onto concrete, and from a height of 1.2 m over the entire temperature range. The WT5400 can be worn right or left. There are three wrist strap options to choose from, allowing each user to adjust it individually: with Velcro fastener or with one or two dials that enable micro-adjustments for ideal fit.