Zebra RS4000 Barcode Scanner

  • precise: first time barcode capture irrespective of barcode quality
  • flexible: 2 scan modes, optimum mobility for a consistent workflow
  • robust: durable liquid polymer scan module (patented), hard-wearing cable
  • hygienic: individual finger strap equipment
  • value for money: low TCO

The Zebra RS4000 is a high-performance linear ring scanner designed to provide optimal mobility in warehouses, production or cold storage facilities. Paired with the Zebra WT6000 wearable mobile computer, the ring scanner allows hands-free operation letting workers fully concentrate on the task. This smart technology improves productivity immensely and reduces error.

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ZEBRA RS4000: Hands-Free for More Mobility

For an optimized workflow, the Zebra RS4000 ring scanner gives your employees freedom to move. There is no need to interrupt a task to check documents or to scan a barcode. The whole equipment is always at hand for faster working procedures resulting in higher efficiency.

A working range from near contact to 4.5 m provides a large application field. The Zebra RS4000 reads barcodes reliably, even if they are of poor quality or damaged. With its bright scan line, the device is extremely user-friendly, allowing simple aiming and scanning regardless for lighting conditions. The operator gets clear good-read feedback. This results in a minimal error rate.

The Zebra RS4000 is a high-performing 1D scanner that also reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). Two scanning modes, either for single barcode capture or for continuous scanning, make the ring scanner particularly versatile.

To ensure highest hygiene standards, each worker can use an individual finger strap the ring scanner can be attached to. Due to the swivel function, the Zebra RS4000 can be operated left handed or right handed.

The Zebra RS4000 is made for intensive use. The sturdy die-cast zinc housing ensures optimal protection. Due to the single-board design, the device is not sensitive to drops or shocks. The scan module is particularly resistant and the vulnerable parts of the cable are reinforced to ensure a long life. Altogether, the RS4000 is a profitable investment.

The Zebra RS4000 combined with the Zebra WT6000 wearable mobile terminal also supports voice solutions providing your workforce with the freedom and mobility they need enhancing efficiency for a smooth and fast workflow.