Zebra RS6100 Barcode Scanner

  • flexible: scan ranges between 5.08 cm and 12.2 m
  • effective: captures 1D/2D barcodes in any condition, IntelliFocus technology for fast focusing
  • convenient: multiple wearing options
  • wireless: Bluetooth 5.2 LE, scanner can also be connected by cable
  • rugged: IP65, 1.8 m drop resistance, -30 °C to +50 °C (with extended battery)

Zebra's RS6100 is a wearable scanner that seamlessly integrates into motion sequences. The advantage: uninterrupted workflows. Captured data is transferred directly to connected mobile devices. Workers have both hands free and can fully concentrate on the activity at hand. The small unit is equipped with the latest scanning technology. It enables the capture of barcodes at close range and up to a distance of 12.2 m. The small wearable scanner efficiently reads all common 1D and 2D codes.

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ZEBRA RS6100: Robust, High-performance Wearable Scanner

Powerful scan engine: Zebra’s small and lightweight RS6100 scanner is equipped with the SE55 scan engine. It offers an extended read range. Barcodes can be scanned in close proximity as well as at a range of up to 12.2 m. This allows, for example, to capture barcodes in upper shelves from the floor. Additionally, the IntelliFocus technology enables particularly fast focusing. The autofocus adapts to a new distance in a flash. The RS6100 reads barcodes in any condition, even if they are poorly printed, dirty, damaged, or if they are behind shrink film.

Comfortable to wear: The RS6100 scanner offers an optimal solution for application fields where digital data capture is vital, for example in warehousing, manufacturing or retail. Depending on the task and personal preferences, you can choose between different options to wear the scanner:

-Single trigger finger mount (rotatable, can be switched between left and right hand)

-Double trigger finger mount (for fast change between left and right hand)

-Enterprise hand mount with trigger (cuff, available in multiple sizes, for left and right hand)

-Trigger button for handheld scanning and retractable cord to wear on a belt or lanyard

User-friendly: The RS6100 has a laser aimer so that barcodes can be easily targeted and captured. LEDs and a signal tone serve as feedback. For haptic feedback, a trigger with vibration can be selected as an option.

Wireless or with cable? The RS6100 can be paired with mobile computers via Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi Friendly mode ensures that Wi-Fi connections are not disturbed when using the scanner. By means of an adapter, it is also possible to connect the scanner via cable and operate it without battery (e. g. with the mobile computers WT6300, TC21/26, TC53/58).

Suitable for harsh environments: Zebra’s compact RS6100 scanner can withstand extreme cold and heat as well as moisture. It is sealed against the ingress of dust and water according to protection class IP65. With the extended battery, the scanner can be used in very low temperatures down to -30 °C. In addition, the RS6100 can withstand drops from heights of up to 1.8 m. The triggers are designed for a long service life.

Replaceable battery: For the normal shift, the RS6100 wearable scanner can be operated with the standard battery. Empty batteries can be replaced and recharged. A high-performance battery is also available, for example, for use in deep-freeze warehouses.

Backward compatibility: The RS6100 is compatible with RS5100 accessories (e. g. triggers, batteries, mounts, charging cradles).