Fixed Computers

Fixed-installed industrial computers and vehicle-mounted computers

Fixed computers can be used as a control computer as well as classical information terminals. They are simple and intuitive to use and rugged in quality to meet industrial requirements. Fixed-mount computers are frequently deployed in vehicles such as cranes and fork-lift trucks. These rugged industrial PCs provide automated organization of business processes such as occur in logistics, fleet management and industrial production. These computers allow operational sequences to be visualized and processed via touch screen. Fixed-mount computers continuously monitor all activities and provide an overview of all relevant data. We supply computers that are extremely rugged for use both in production buildings and outdoor environments. Compact computers are mounted into conveyor vehicles and provide operators with quick access to the data systems.

As with all GLOBOS solutions, fixed computers offer a variety of options and are assembled according to individual requirements. You can select between different display sizes, processors and memory sizes. Various interfaces, network connections and features for wireless communication are also available. And of course, data collection by means of barcodes is possible as well. GLOBOS supplies industrial PCs and vehicle-mounted terminals that are tailored to the specific application and environment in which they are to be used. Hardware, software and mechanical components of fixed computers can all be easily and individually configured to requirement.

The terminals are designed to be operated in harsh environments and fulfil rigorous demands. They are protected from dust, dirt and water – in addition, the terminals are equipped with protection against shock and vibration. This equipment is also designed for use in freezing or extremely hot environments. The exact classifications can be found in the individual product descriptions.

All our industrial computers have been selected according to extensive experience and to match typical applications. In so doing we place emphasis on maximum ease of use, robustness, optimal energy efficiency and reliable operation.

GLOBOS supplies high-performance fixed computers from Advantech DLoG, Forsis, Soredi and Toshiba Tec. These partners guarantee high-quality system components for a long service life and maximum safeguarding against failure. Whether industrial PCs are to be used as vehicle-mounted terminals or in static locations such as with construction equipment or machine tools, GLOBOS can supply you with the best solution for your every need.