help desk

help desk

In a particular case where you install the equipment and put it into operation yourself, problems might occur here and there that can often be easily resolved with the necessary experience and specialist knowledge of the particular products. Our staff are trained specifically on the products of our partners and possess the necessary certifications in order to be able to answer all your general and technical questions.

In addition to your account manager, our help desk provides another point of contact - by telephone or email, from which you can obtain assistance with making fine adjustments to your equipment, with setting up software, and for general problem-solving with the application. If this is not possible, you can request the help desk to arrange for a technician to visit your site. Our staff can provide full details of your individual conditions that apply for this support...

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To report a fault, please use our fault report form. To address questions to the Help Desk, contact us by phone or by email at

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