ProGlove Mark Display Barcode Scanner

  • intuitive: user-friendly, clear feedback
  • productive: hands-free operation, fluent movements
  • innovative: compact module with high-performance 1D/2D imager and 1.54” display
  • handy: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, easy pairing with scan-to-pair function
  • clever: various wearable options, e.g. wristband with index trigger, reel

The innovative enterprise ProGlove has become widely known for its highly efficient digital data acquisition concepts by means of well-designed wearable solutions. The compact barcode scanner module MARK Display represents the latest part of the MARK scanner series. As the name suggests, the MARK Display is equipped with a 1.54-inch display. With the new product, ProGlove expands the range of applications for its wearable scanning solutions.

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PROGLOVE MARK DISPLAY: Mobile Data Capture for Improved Processes 

Digital data collection significantly improves working processes, for example in industrial environments, in transport and logistics or retail. Wearable solutions additionally contribute to effective working procedures. The wearable barcode scanner MARK Display by ProGlove is equipped with a useful new feature, a 1.54-inch display. Workers can be provided with specific information and guidance regarding their current task. This enhances the efficiency of working processes and results in higher quality.

The ProGlove MARK Display only weighs 48 grams. Small, yet impressive, the MARK Display is equipped with a high-performance barcode scanner which is suitable for a wide range of applications. The small scanner module can be easily attached to the mount on top of the wristband, enabling the worker to use both hands for the task at hand. The scanner can be simply triggered by pushing the trigger button at the side of the index finger with the thumb. Another option is a reel, which can be attached to a belt or worn around the neck on a lanyard. The scanner can be pulled out conveniently, when a barcode needs to be scanned. For a flexible use of the MARK Display, the scan range is between 30 and 150 cm.

There is no time-intensive training required to use the wearable scanner ProGlove MARK Display. The compact barcode reader has a highly visible laser aimer. After the capture of a code, the user receives clear good-read feedback via LED, beeper and vibration. While working, it is always possible to keep an eye on the high-contrast e-paper display.

The robust little data device MARK Display by ProGlove reads all common 1D and 2D codes and transmits the information. It is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0. Because of the scan-to-pair function, only one scan is required to connect the compact scanner with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as industrial computers, tablets, smartphones or handheld terminals. The MARK Display can be deployed and used with minimum effort. It comes with configuration tools for an uncomplicated setup. ProGlove Connect enables the seamless integration of Android business applications.

The wearable hand scanner ProGlove MARK Display is equipped with a powerful battery. It achieves about 6000 scans per charge, providing enough energy for an entire shift.

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