SOTI Snap Software

  • effective: digitized data collection and approval processes
  • transparent: standardized processes, synchronized data
  • intuitive: create mobile applications by drag and drop
  • cross-platform: for iOS and Android mobile devices


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SOTI SNAP: Higher Productivity by means of Digitized Processes

From Paper to Digital—how your business benefits from a transition: Manual data processes are prone to error, time-consuming and difficult to trace. SOTI Snap enables you to create mobile applications to automize and streamline processes.

Develop standardized digital forms and checklists, for example for audits, approval processes, surveys, incident reports, inspections, or inventory tracking. Ensure real time visibility for each step of the process: What data has been collected when and where? Who received it? What is the status of the process? What is the next step? All persons involved in the process are informed about the progress and can take necessary actions.

With SOTI Snap it is easy to design digital forms and applications for mobile devices. Features for adding text, barcode data, electronic signatures, geolocation data, photos and video recordings can be integrated as required simply by dragging and dropping widgets onto a device-shaped canvas. Applications can be rolled out to mobile devices in the company in no time and used both online and offline. Collected data is synchronized with the system to ensure full visibility.

Move processes forward instead of getting stuck in a data jam: With SOTI Snap, all stakeholders are automatically involved, receive up-to-date information, and can act promptly to bring processes to completion. All processes remain transparent and traceable.

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