Diagnostic Solutions

Labeling Software, MDM solutions and more

Our software portfolio includes label design software, tools to enhance control and management of your device pool as well as modular app development solutions. Intelligent software contributes to enhanced working processes and saves time.

With a labeling software, labels can be individually designed and printed in no time.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solutions enable central control and management of all mobile devices in your enterprise. Data, apps and modifications can be remotely applied to the entire device pool, regardless of the device models or operating systems.

With an app development tool kit, it is possible to create tailored applications. They can be designed independent of the platform and arranged by using drag and drop.

Voice solutions provide workers with instructions via headset enabling hands-free and eyes-free operations. Typical application fields are warehousing and logistics.

A terminal emulation enables communication between mobile devices and the Telnet server and therefore allows mobile access to server data.

For more information about the above-mentioned products, please read the explanations below or feel free to contact us for an extensive consultation.