Advantech DLoG DLT-V8312 Vehicle Mounted Computers

  • tough: IP66, 5M3, resistant glass, abrasion resistant
  • easy handling: intuitive operation
  • large display: 12“ display

Are you looking for a vehicle mounted computer that is individually configurable and ready for many applications? The Advantech DLoG DLT-V8312 is particularly adaptable and the robust design makes it an ideal workmate even in difficult environments.

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ADVANTECH DLoG DLT-V8312: Adaptive Vehicle Terminal

The DLT-V8312 was built for extreme conditions. Temperatures of -30°C to +50°C couldn’t harm him. Impacts, vibration, as well as rain, snow or dust don’t affect this rugged device. That’s why it is perfectly suited for applications in harsh environments, such as cold storage, industrial areas or outdoor applications.

With the 12“ display, the DLT-V8312 can be operated comfortably, either with resistive technology or as a capacitive multi-touch screen (LCT). The uninterruptible power supply lasts up to 10 minutes which makes terminal shutdown when changing batteries or changing vehicles unnecessary. Numerous options enable uncomplicated integration and fast communication of the devices.

Equip the terminals as best suited to your requirements, e.g. with:

  • Intel Atom D525 or Intel Core i5-4300U processor
  • CAN, WLAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • heatable display
  • various mounting options
  • DLoG voice kit
  • touch screen (5 or 26 buttons), or capacitive multi-touch screen (9 buttons)
  • scanner
  • external CD / DVD ROM drive