Datalogic DLR-BT001 RFID Pocket Reader

  • flexible: communication via Bluetooth or USB
  • compact: small, ergonomic form factor
  • reliable: haptic and audible feedback
  • lightweight: only 57 g

More efficiency, less cost – the Datalogic DLR-BT001 UHF RFID reader/writer can be paired with a smartphone or a tablet computer and is therefore far less expensive than customary handheld RFID readers. The pocketable DLR-BT001 RFID reader weighs only 57 g and is a perfect solution for fast product identification for example in field sales or retail and warehouse environments.

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The Datalogic DLR-BT001 is able to read from and write onto RFID tags. Bluetooth Class II ensures reliable data transmission at a distance of up to 90 cm without visual contact. The compact device is extremely user-friendly with two LEDs to indicate battery status and communication activity. It has an integrated LCD display and two buttons for convenient operation.

There is an HID version available that can be connected to a keyboard and is able to interoperate with software solutions that require manual data input. Also, it is able to store barcodes in Batch Mode.

The Datalogic DLR-BT001 UHF RFID reader is equipped with a linear polarized antenna. The device is in accordance with EPC C1G2 and ISO 18000-6C standards.

Convenient item identification for increased productivity with the new Datalogic DLR-BT001 RFID reader.