Datalogic QuickScan QBT2131 Barcode Scanner

  • easy: point-and-shoot, “Green Spot” technology
  • mobile: Bluetooth 3.0 Class 2
  • versatile: for retail, inventory, administration etc. applications

The Datalogic Quickscan QBT2131 is the perfect solution for 1D barcode scanning. Its exceptionally wide field of view and long scan line allow the reading of extra-long bar codes. Due to a large depth of field, barcodes can be scanned from various distances ensuring more convenience and flexible use. The Datalogic Quickscan QBT2131 is cordless which guarantees a high level of mobility.

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DATALOGIC QUICKSCAN QBT2131: Linear Bluetooth Scanner

The Datalogic Quickscan QBT2131 is a linear barcode scanner for universal use. Bluetooth 3.0 Class 2 allows up to 25 m radio range. The scanner can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible device using Apple or Android operating systems or directly to the host via base station. Additionally it has a Batch mode to store more than 500 codes.

Easy use is ensured with the intuitive point-and-shoot system and the patented “Green Spot” feedback. The Datalogic Quickscan QBT2131 comes with a microUSB slot for fast battery charging and host configuration downloads independent of the base station.

The battery is replaceable and each new package of battery includes new charging contacts as well, to make sure the scanner works flawlessly. With its durable construction the Datalogic Quickscan QBT2131 is made for everyday use and it complies with protection class IP42.

Interfaces: keyboard wedge, OEM (IBM) USB, RS-232, USB