Honeywell IH40 RFID-Reader

  • effective: ultra-fast data acquisition
  • versatile: for retail, transport and logistics, warehousing
  • systematical: bulk capturing or tag finder mode

Could inventory workflows be optimized in order to keep stock data up to date? How can deliveries and shipments be handled more efficiently in the transport and logistics sector? RFID data collection not only ensures transparency but also enhances procedures significantly. The Honeywell IH40 UHF RFID reader and writer offers the solution to save a large expense in time and labor.

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HONEYWELL IH40: Ergonomic Pistol Grip UHF RFID Reader and Writer

Instead of taking inventory manually or with barcodes, speed up the process with the Honeywell IH40 UHF RFID reader. The lightweight pistol-grip design ensures convenient operation. Collect stock data or information on incoming and outgoing goods fast and accurately. The large-scale acquisition of RFID tag data requires only a minimum amount of time and manpower.

With the Honeywell IH40 RFID reader it is possible to capture an entire consignment or to single out specific packages or pallets. It also enables writing of RFID tags. The circular polarized antenna allows a read range of 6 m and a write range of 3 m.

The UHF RFID reader/writer IH40 can be paired with Honeywell handhelds via Bluetooth. It is compatible with the mobile computers CT40, EDA51 and CT60. The IH40 is equipped with a user-replaceable battery.