Honeywell PX940 Series Label Printers

  • innovative: instant fail/pass detection
  • fast: maximum speed of 350 mm/s
  • precise: even small labels are printed accurately
  • economic: reduced downtimes

The PX940 series is the new high-performance industrial printer series by Honeywell. It consists of the PX940A and the PX940V. The PX940V model has an integrated label verification that detects printouts that do not meet a defined standard, in which case a label will be reprinted right away. Both printer versions are equipped with Bluetooth and smart printing capability as standard. The printers can be configured without an external host PC.

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Honeywell PX940 Series: Smart and Precise Printing with Optional Verifier

The new PX940 label printer series by Honeywell consists of the PX940A and PX940V (with integrated label verification). Both provide fast printing in high quality at 203 or 300 dpi. The printing methods are thermal transfer and direct thermal. Settings can be adjusted directly on the devices so that there is no external host pc required.

Due to their robust construction and the uncomplicated replacement of spare parts, downtimes are kept to a minimum. This reduces the total cost of ownership of the PX940 series’ printers decisively. The PX940A/PX940V support a wide range of media sizes and types, for example: with gap, black mark, hole or notch, tags or continuous media.

With high-precision and error-free printing, the printers of the PX940 series are suitable for a wide range of sectors, for example, for transport and logistics, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as well as shipping, distribution, the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

The PX940 series come with a 3.5-inch user-friendly color touchscreen and Bluetooth, USB, RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces as standard. The printers support several print languages so that other printers can easily be replaced.