Honeywell Vuquest 3320g Barcode Scanner

  • intelligent: multi-interface design with automatic interface detection
  • flexible: possibility to upgrade scanning capabilities
  • simple: uncomplicated and convenient handling through smart software solutions

Improve your customer service with the versatile Vuquest 3320g from Honeywell. A combination of innovative design and excellent functionality with customers specific needs in mind make the area image scanner a true asset for every business. The device has a sleek and elegant design and can be deployed in various environments. It is easy to use, simple to configure and offers excellent scanning performance at the lowest acquisition cost.

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HONEYWELL VUQUEST 3320g: Compact and Powerful Scanner

The Vuquest 3320g from Honeywell provides fast scanning of all printed barcodes. It is a lightweight device covered in a durable and portable housing. His slim and elegant design allows the area-imager to blend seamlessly in retail surroundings, offers high-performance scanning of all 1D, 2D and PDF barcodes as well as digital codes on smart devices or computer screens.

With its compact size and ergonomically friendly thumb-operated button, the scanner provides both a reliable handheld and portable scanning solution. The Vuguest 3320g has a great usability and a customer friendly operating environment. Laser-free pointing guarantees a precise scan indication, that removes the risk of eye injury.

A flexible licensing solution allows you to determine the performance of your system at any time. Purchasing a license to upgrade scanning capabilities for your current needs at any time keeps you flexible.