Newland Barcodescanner NVH300 Angler Series

  • accurate: capture of 1D, 2D barcodes, DPM and HD codes
  • high-performance: megapixel scan engine, advanced illumination
  • affordable: good value for money
  • robust:8 m drop resistance, IP64 (DPM) or IP42 (HD)

The handheld scanners of the Newland NVH300 series are intended for the capture of direct part markings and high-density codes. These special barcodes are used in many industrial areas, for example, in the electronics industry, but also in healthcare. Direct part marking or DPM is applied directly to components made of metal, glass or plastic by laser or needle embossing, for example. Capturing barcodes from different surface finishes or reading very dense codes can be challenging for barcode scanners. The NVH300 scanner series is designed to meet these challenges. Two versions are available: DPM and HD.

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NEWLAND NVH300 ANGLER SERIES: Handheld Scanners for DPM and HD Codes

The corded industrial scanners of the Newland NVH300 series are equipped with a megapixel scan engine. Special illumination enables the capture even of low-contrast barcodes and barcodes on reflective surfaces. A beep, vibration and LED light provide users with clear reading confirmation. The scanners are equipped with an RS-232 serial port and a USB port. Because of their robust construction, the NVH300 series’ barcode readers are suitable for industrial environments.

NVH300 DPM model: Direct part marking has many advantages. However, due to the different surface finishes, common barcode readers may not be able to collect DPM barcode data. The NVH300 DPM handheld scanner is therefore equipped with three different colored light sources. White, direct light as well as diffuse, red, and blue light are projected onto the object from different angles. The scanner automatically finds the optimal illumination and captures even barcodes with low contrast or from reflective materials such as metal and glass.

NVH300 HD model: High-density codes contain large amounts of data in a small area. The powerful megapixel imager of the NVH300 HD barcode scanner is ideal for the acquisition of HD codes. The HD model is equipped with red and white light to enable barcode capture from different surfaces.

The industrial handheld scanners of the NVH300 series provide excellent performance at an affordable price.