Nordic ID EXA31 RFID-Reader

  • versatile: compact design, easy to take along, UHF RFID reader, 2D imager
  • simple: uncomplicated operation, easy Bluetooth pairing, good-read feedback
  • long-lasting: rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours, user-replaceable

The Nordic ID EXA31 is a compact RFID/barcode reader that can be connected to any Android- or iOS-based smart device. With the EXA31 it is possible to collect data on-the-go, as it were. It is also an ideal solution for order picking tasks.

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NORDIC ID EXA31: Compact RFID and Barcode Reader

Use existing smart devices to collect RFID and barcode data with the Nordic ID EXA31 UHF RFID and barcode reader. The reader can easily be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled smart device. It is equipped with Bluetooth version 4.2 Low Energy class 2 and comes with smart pair function. The EXA31 by Nordic ID is compatible with Android and iOS.

For convenient use, the UHF RFID reader EXA31 weighs only 75 g and it can be attached anywhere to accomplish hands-free tasks. The Nordic ID NUR-05WL2 UHF RFID reader module has a reading range of up to 2 m. It can collect up to 200 tags per second. ETSI and FCC radio frequencies are supported.

The Nordic ID EXA31 is truly flexible and perfectly suitable for picking tasks. Its 2D scan engine with LED aimer that can switch between scan line and aiming dot, enables uncomplicated 1D and 2D barcode reading. The user gets an acoustic, haptic and visual feedback. Up to 8 hours battery runtime ensures reliable operation during an entire shift.

The Nordic ID EXA31 RFID/barcode reader combined with your own smart device, running your own business apps, provides a cost-effective and smart solution for accurate data acquisition.