ProGlove Leo Barcode Scanner

  • versatile: hand cuff with trigger in the palm
  • ergonomic: slim design, weighs only 35 g
  • useful: scanning ranges between 10 and 70 cm
  • strong: battery life of up to 4,000 scans
  • ideal: reads 1D, 2D and DPM

Significant increases in productivity can be achieved through the use of intelligent wearable solutions. The new barcode reader LEO from ProGlove can be carried directly on the hand and is ready to use without any training. With LEO you always have both hands free and can concentrate fully on the task at hand. The module can be simply and easily attached to a hand cuff.

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PROGLOVE LEO: Efficient data collection with wearables

The LEO is the new entry-level model from ProGlove. Scan ranges between 10 and 70 cm offer a flexible range of applications for the portable scanner module. It forms an ideal solution for inventory management, for applications in the warehouse or in order processing.

Digital data collection with wearables from ProGlove is uncomplicated and easy. The scanner module attaches directly to a hand cuff and allows employees to work completely hands-free. To scan, all you have to do is aim at the barcode and release the trigger on the cuff. Picking up and putting down a hand scanner is no longer necessary. This saves up to 4 seconds per scan. If the barcode has been read in successfully, the user receives a clear haptic, acoustic and optical reading confirmation.

The ProGlove LEO captures all common 1D and 2D barcodes as well as DPM codes. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the information can then be transmitted to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The “Easy-to-pair” function enables devices to be paired by scanning a corresponding barcode once. The powerful battery of the LEO manages up to 4,000 scans per battery charge and is fully charged again in just one hour.

The matching “hand strap” for the LEO offers you more ergonomics and direct time savings. It is breathable and fully elastic, guaranteeing you full freedom of movement and a secure hold. The adjustable unit sizes also ensure less effort in handling and planning.

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