PSI PP 205 Dot Matrix Printers

The PP 205 from PSI is for applications requiring a large printing range. Especially for printing wide forms with a dimension of 80 mm to 410 mm and a weight of up to 240 g/m².

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PSI PP 205 Matrix Printer: „Big brother“ of the PP 204

This matrix printer convinces by the printing of extra large forms and printnotes. Up to 319 pages per hour at extremely low printing costs of about 0.3 cents per page can be printed. Efficient and reasonable, the PP 205 mainly supports work in the area of ​​office, logistics and administration.

With 24 needles and a print speed of up to 448 cps (characters per second) at 10 cpi (characters per inch), this printer works precisely and quietly.

There are 128 KB of memory available for storing fonts and print data. So you have all the information at hand when needed.

Other important features:

  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • Control panel: push button, 2 control modes, 6 LEDs, 1 beep
  • Interfaces: Parallel Centronics, USB
  • Paper path: flatbed construction
  • Paper feed:> 32 cm / second