RuggON Vulcan X Vehicle Mounted Computers

  • versatile: large high-brightness display, PCT touch screen or resistive touch screen with defroster
  • powerful: Intel Core i5 or Intel Celeron CPU, extendable DDR4 SO-DIMM memory
  • sophisticated: multiple M12 connectors, optional CAN bus, SAE, multi-format video input
  • suitable: for industrial vehicles; with ignition detection, wide range power input, UPS, intelligent power management, VESA mount
  • ultra-rugged: IP66, 5M3, MIL-STD-810H, -30 °C to +55 °C, durable metal connectors

The RuggON VULCAN X is a computer terminal for the integration in industrial vehicles. Its rugged construction enables the application in challenging environments, for example in agriculture, mining, in the waste industry or at ports as well as in cold storage, warehousing and logistics environments. It is possible to choose between two different processors. The vehicle terminal RuggON VULCAN X provides dependable wireless connectivity and multiple I/O ports for extremely flexible use. If required, the robust device is available with a defrost function.

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RUGGON VULCAN X: In-vehicle Terminal with an Outstanding Array of Connectivity Options

The in-vehicle terminal RuggON VULCAN X enables effective mobile computing even under challenging conditions. It can be equipped with an Intel Core i5-8365UE 1.6 GHz or with an Intel Celeron 4305UE 2.0 GHz processor. The mobile computer provides 4 GB DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM, which is extendable to maximal 32 GB. It comes with a storage capacity of 128 GB SSD and has a MicroSD card slot for additional storage options. The RuggON VULCAN X is compatible with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

The 10.4-inch display with a brightness of up to 1.200 nits is ideal for indoors and outdoors. Depending on use, the mobile terminal VULCAN X by RuggON is available with a durable glove- and wet-enabled PCT touch screen or with a resistive touch screen with integrated defrost/defog function to suit applications in cold storage environments.

In-vehicle use requires particular functionality. The RuggON VULCAN X offers ignition detection with delayed on/off configuration. A wide power input range from 9 to 60 V enables a broad application scope. To ensure sufficient power supply at all times, the mobile terminal provides intelligent power management and is equipped with a UPS backup battery.

The RuggON VULCAN X comes with a wide range of I/O connectors providing a high level of application flexibility: 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232 (TX, RX)/422/485, 2 x RS-232 (TX, RX), 2 x RS-485, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.1 type C, additionally 2 x CAN bus 2.0 B, 1 x SAE J1939 or multi-format video input as options. M12 connectors are easy to use and prevent false plugging. As the connectors are made of metal, they are particularly durable. Because of the modular design, port’s locations can be changed to suit different applications.

Wi-Fi with fast roaming and Bluetooth 5.0 enable wireless connectivity to transmit and receive data or connect the vehicle-computer to other devices. Optionally, the RuggON VULCAN X supports LTE and GPS. For convenient use, the computer terminal is equipped with 7 programmable function keys.

The RuggON VULCAN X is made for rough working environments. Its ultra-rugged construction ensures trouble-free operation under challenging conditions. The mobile computer is resistant against shock and vibration as well as against salt fog, fog and frost in accordance with MIL-STD-810H. Protection class IP66 sealing prevents the ingress of particles and water. The VULCAN X terminal can be operated between -30 °C and +55 °C.