Unitech MS852/MS852+Barcode Scanner

  • suitable: general purpose (MS852) or high-performance (MS852+) handheld scanner
  • rugged:1 m drop resistance, robust trigger design for up to 10 million scans
  • easy: uncomplicated point-and-shoot operation, plug-and-play deployment, handheld or hands-free scanning; extra-loud beeper and bright LED feedback
  • affordable: MS852 reads 1D and 2D codes in any condition and from displays
  • versatile: MS852+ reads 1D, 2D, Digimarc, DotCode, enables OCR, supports OPOS/ JPOS, scan distances between 3 cm and 80 cm

A future-proof investment - the Unitech MS852/MS852+ barcode scanners are built for a long service life. Because of their robust construction and long-lifecycle trigger, the versatile handheld scanners ensure reliable operation even under challenging conditions or in busy working environments. The MS852 version is a general-purpose scanner, suitable, for example, for the retail and hospitality sectors. It reads all major 1D and 2D codes and is offered at a favorable price. The MS852+ barcode reader enables a wider field of application. This version comes with a high-resolution sensor and is additionally able to capture Digimarc as well as DotCode and comes with OCR capabilities. The cabled Unitech MS852 and MS852+ scanners provide an ideal solution for various industries.

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UNITECH MS852/MS852+: Robust Handheld Scanners for a Large Field of Application

The two scanner models MS852 and MS852+ by Unitech cover a large field of application. If you are looking for a cost-effective general-purpose handheld scanner for retail or hospitality applications, the MS852 is the right choice. Or do you require more sophisticated scanning performance? The MS852+, with its megapixel sensor (1280 x 800 pixels), provides superior performance and extended scan capabilities.

The Unitech MS852 is a lightweight cabled scanner for general purpose use. This well-priced basic barcode scanner reads linear and QR codes from paper or display. The robust device can capture codes from 3.8 cm to 49.5 cm, depending on the barcode. The 2D imager is able to read poorly printed, damaged or stained barcodes to ensure a smooth and fast workflow, for example at the checkout desk. The MS852 can be used as handheld scanner. Together with a stand, hands-free operation is possible as well.

The MS852+ by Unitech is equipped with a Honeywell high-performance N6703 standard-range imager. Depending on the barcode, the MS852+ captures barcodes from about 3 cm to 80 cm. Besides 1D and 2D barcodes, the MS852+ also reads DotCode and Digimarc. It also provides OCR capabilities. Therefore, if your requirements exceed standard scan performance, the MS852+ barcode reader is an optimal solution. It enables barcode capture from paper or display and the capture of poor-quality codes. Both, handheld or presentation scanning are possible. The MS852+ supports OPOS and JPOS standards for point-of-sale applications. It is also suitable for e-ticket processing, for example, at airports or events. Because of its rugged design, the MS852+ barcode reader offers a reliable solution for industrial and logistics environments.

For easy implementation, the two barcode scanner versions MS852 and MS852+ by Unitech provide plug-and-play simplicity. Barcode capture does not require training. There are two stands available as accessory, to enable hands-free scanning: the standard hands-free stand and the auto-sensing hands-free stand, which automatically switches between hand and presentation scanning modes. By means of a loud beeper and bright LEDs, the user receives clear good-read confirmation.

Both versions of the MS852 barcode reader series by Unitech are particularly durable. Oftentimes, the trigger is a failure-prone component. The MS852 and MS852+ barcode readers, however, are equipped with a long-lifecycle trigger, made for long-term, high-volume scanning (ready for up to 10,000,000 actuations). They also have a high drop resistance. They can cope with drops from a height of 2.1 m to concrete. The operating temperature range is from -10 °C to +50 °C.

The Unitech MS852 series is also available as wireless and long-range version. For more information, please refer to Unitech MS852B/MS852B+ or MS852 LR/MS852B LR.

Accessories: Standard hands-free stand, auto-sensing hands-free stand, desktop holder, RS-232 cable, USB cable