Zebra CC6000 Customer Concierge

  • versatile: useful for retail, healthcare, transport or hospitality areas
  • flexible: with developer tools, APIs and Mobility DNA
  • connective: Ethernet, USB, WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC

The new CC6000 mobile computer by Zebra makes shopping smarter. With the bright and clear 10” multi-touch display, operation is intuitive and perfectly easy. The interactive kiosk provides your customers with a brand-new self-service shopping experience, for example, in retail, hospitality, healthcare and even in the transport sector.

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ZEBRA CC6000: Experience a New Level of Self-service

The CC6000 Customer Concierge combines the usability of a tablet PC with an enterprise-ready OS platform which gives the customer a great new shopping experience with great comfort and ease of use.

The 10-inch multi-touch display provides convenient operation. A powerful scan engine offers 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities that enables the capture of barcodes no matter in which condition. The scan function can be used for customer loyalty cards or coupons etc. The integrated microphones and speakers enable voice and video communication, which is useful for customers who need assistance.

Besides, the shopping computer CC6000 by Zebra provides latest and future-proof technology. The Android platform is convenient to use and ensures future-proof working. The interactive kiosk CC6000 is easy to manage and to integrate due to Zebra’s Mobility DNA software and other developer tools, like APIs.

The CC6000 is an ideal solution, not only for front stores in retail but also in hospitality, healthcare and transportation areas. For example, it can be used for patient or guest check-in, scheduling, medication tracking, trip planning etc. Typical fields of application in retail are price checking, product comparison, couponing, loyalty card scanning or calling for assistance.