Zebra CS3000 Series Barcode Scanner

  • tiny: 8,65 cm x 4,95 cm x 2,2 cm; 70 g
  • simple: two buttons
  • huge: 512 MB non-volatile memory

The CS3000 series from ZEBRA offers the opportunity to retrofit for those who can’t do without a laser scanner at an enterprise level, but have not used them so far because of the weight, unwieldyness or price. The small 1D laser scanners of the CS3000 series weigh just 70 g and can simply be stored in a pocket or worn on a lanyard around the neck. Workflows can be significantly improved in a wide range of areas, such as shipping, field service, inventory, retail, etc.

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ZEBRA CS3000 Series: Anywhere anytime 1D Laser Scanning

The scanners of the CS3000 series for reading linear barcodes are ergonomically shaped. The small devices can be operated intuitively and the rubberized buttons can be used easily with the finger. No matter what light conditions, the scanners work reliably at all times. Even barcodes of poor quality or damaged or contaminated barcodes can easily be detected. In addition, the Zebra scanners of the CS3000 series are very sturdy.

The CS3000 handheld scanners are available in two versions: The CS3000 can store over one million barcodes in a batch, and when configured, the data is automatically transferred to the host when connected via USB. The CS3070 also has a batch mode, but can also be connected via Bluetooth to a PC, tablet or smartphone to transfer data in real-time.

With one battery-charge, the CS3000 / CS3070 scanners hold approximately 24 hours in batch mode and approximately 12 hours in Bluetooth mode (CS3070 only) – significantly more than just one shift.

The scanners of the CS3000 series from Zebra are handy, powerful and cost-effective to purchase and operate.