Zebra CS60 Series Barcode Scanner

  • convertible: simply by swapping battery and corded USB converter, retrofittable
  • compact: lightweight and handy design
  • crevice-free: easy to clean
  • up-to-date: advanced inductive charging technology, up to 18 hours battery runtime
  • accurate: scans 1D and 2D codes, one or multiple codes; PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology

The Zebra CS60 series barcode scanner offers a truly unique design, perfectly adapting to your workflow. It can be used as corded version, for example, connected to a POS terminal. The corded converter can be replaced by a battery unit and the device used as cordless barcode scanner for mobile tasks. If, at present, your workflow requires one or the other mode, it is always possible to change or retrofit later. This modular layout of the Zebra CS60 barcode reader meets your requirements today and tomorrow and provides high flexibility. The CS60 is small, equipped with a powerful scan engine and extremely durable, ideal for busy retail environments.

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ZEBRA CS60 SERIES: 2-in-1 Barcode Reader, for Corded or Cordless Operation

The retail industry is a vast field involving diverse processes and applications, from stational or mobile points of sale to inventory management and delivery service. A major factor extending into all working processes of the retail sector is reliable data capture. Zebra specializes in well thought-out data collection solutions. With the CS60 barcode scanner series, Zebra provides a new approach for the retail and healthcare industries. The CS60 was particularly designed to suit the needs of retail environments. It is small, lightweight and ergonomically shaped to conveniently fit into a palm. The straightforward design ensures uncomplicated use by staff members across the company.

The Zebra CS60 barcode scanner provides a one-of-a-kind convertible construction. With a corded USB converter, it can be used for stationary applications. If working processes require mobile use, simply replace the USB converter with a battery unit and take the scanner along. This unique design offers huge application opportunities in retail.

Precise data acquisition is extremely important to ensure a smooth workflow. The Zebra CS60 barcode reader provides, therefore, a high-performance scan engine for accurate 1D and 2D capture from paper or displays. A high-resolution megapixel sensor, together with Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology and DataCapture DNA software tools, ensures correct data acquisition, even if the code is damaged, stained or poorly printed. The software tools also enable the scan of multiple codes. The required codes are then transmitted to the appropriate applications. It is also possible to scan one single barcode selectively without covering up nearby codes.

Barcode scanning is perfectly simple with the Zebra CS60. Its form factor is designed to comfortably fit into a hand. A large scan button, with a cavity for the thumb, lets you easily find the trigger. The user gets clear feedback, with LED, beeper and vibration. The good-read confirmation signals are adjustable. Additionally, the CS60 comes with a programmable function key to quickly switch between two host applications. To use the Zebra CS60 as presentation scanner, a gooseneck stand is available as accessory.

With DataCapture DNA, Zebra provides a set of software tools to facilitate deployment, remote management and use of the CS60 barcode reader. The DataCapture DNA includes tools to enhance performance and enable app development. A diagnostics application ensures quick troubleshooting.

When using the Zebra barcode scanner CS60 in cordless mode, latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers reliable wireless connectivity and a radio range of up to 100 m. In the case that the scanner is taken out of range, the user will be warned with an alert signal. With the tap-to-pair function, the CS60 can be easily paired with the cradle or mobile computers. A paging button on the cradle helps to locate the device. Zebra’s DataCapture DNA provides a WiFi-friendly mode, to ensure the CS60 does not interfere with your network.

The CS60 barcode scanner by Zebra is equipped with state-of-the-art charging technology. Charging is possible with any Qi charging pad. Zebra also provides various charging options for CS60 devices or spare batteries, e.g. single-slot or four-slot battery or device chargers. Battery runtimes of up to 18 hours per charge ensure long-lasting operation. A status LED indicates when the battery needs to be changed.

The Zebra CS60 is made for everyday use. It can withstand drops from a height of 1.5 m to concrete and is sealed against dust and water according to protection class IP65. The compact barcode reader has a seamless design for easy cleaning.

The Zebra CS60 series also comprises a healthcare model (Zebra CS60-HC).

Accessories: Lanyard with Silicon Sleeve, Standard Cradle, Multi-slot Battery or Device chargers, Spare Battery, Corded USB-A (Host) Converter, Gooseneck “Intellistand”