Zebra CS60 Series Barcode Scanner

  • new: corded and cordless applications with one single device, retrofittable
  • durable: disinfectant-ready, IP65, 1.5 m drop resistance
  • versatile: various healthcare accessories
  • innovative: inductive charging, up to 18 hours battery runtime
  • convenient: simple operation, pocketable or wearable with belt clip or on a lanyard

The Zebra CS60 series barcode scanners offer a new and innovative design. They are convertible from corded to cordless, thus providing a new concept to adapt to different working procedures. Particularly in the healthcare industry, where data collection is essential for patient safety and optimized workflows, the healthcare version Zebra CS60-HC provides the necessary flexibility and precision. The handy data acquisition device is easy to clean and can withstand harsh cleaning agents.

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ZEBRA CS60-HC: Unmatched Design

The new Zebra CS60-HC barcode scanner is probably the most flexible device for the healthcare sector on the market. For stationary applications, for example in laboratories, pharmacies or at the patient admission desk, the CS60-HC can be used as corded scanner. Mounted on a stand, it is ideal for hands-free operations. It only takes a moment to remove the corded USB adapter and attach a battery unit to convert the corded barcode reader into a mobile device. The compact CS60-HC can be taken along in a pocket or around the neck on a lanyard, for example for inventory management or point-of-care applications. A cart-mounted cradle is available as accessory to suit clinical workflows.

In the healthcare field, accurate data collection is essential. The high scanning performance of the Zebra CS60-HC is due to its high-resolution megapixel sensor and effective software tools, such as Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology. Even damaged, poorly printed or stained barcodes are captured fast and accurately. The clearly visible LED aimer provides convenience when using the barcode reader CS60-HC and it enables the trouble-free acquisition of color-coded labels, which are common in the healthcare industry. The versatile barcode reader supports the capture of UDI codes with the UDI Scan+ tool.

The straightforward design of the Zebra CS60-HC healthcare scanner makes it an easy-to-use companion. It has a large scan button and a smaller programmable key, which enables quick switching between two host applications. For environments that require bedside care, the good-read feedback can be toggled between standard and night (vibration) mode.

The replaceable battery unit offers long runtimes of up to 18 hours. There are flexible charging options available. The Zebra CS60-HC provides Qi wireless charging technology and can be charged with any Qi charging pad. Additionally, there are various charging options for one or several devices or batteries available. The cradle is equipped with a paging button to effortlessly locate the scanner. If the scanner is taken out of range or left out of the cradle for a longer period of time, the user is alerted. Bluetooth 5.0 offers a radio range of up to 100 m. Zebra’s Wi-Fi Friendly mode ensures that the scanner does not interfere with the network.

The Zebra CS60-HC barcode reader is purpose-built for healthcare applications. Its “healthcare white” housing is made of special, disinfectant-proof materials and the smooth and seamless surface is easy to clean. The durable handheld scanner can withstand drops from a height of 1.5 m. It is sealed against dust and liquids in accordance with protections class IP65.

The Zebra CS60 barcode scanner series also comprises a version for retail applications. For more information, please refer to Zebra CS60 series.

Accessories: Wearable clip, cart-mountable presentation cradle, Gooseneck Intellistand, spare battery, 4-slot scanner ShareCradle, 4-slot battery ShareCradle, lanyard, corded USB converter