Zebra DS4308 Barcode Scanner

  • super simple: point and shoot, LED aimer, large “Sweet Spot”
  • outstanding: PRZM intelligent imaging technology
  • convenient: unmatched scanning range

Taking barcode scanning to a new level – with the Zebra DS4308. This lightweight 2D imager is highly versatile which makes it the ideal choice for all kinds of retail environments as well as for manufacturing or event check-in etc. applications. Depending on individual business needs, there are different models available: Standard Range (SR) model and High Density (HD) model. Both versions can be equipped with driver’s license parsing capabilities (optional).

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ZEBRA DS4308: Flexibility and Competence

The Zebra DS4308 is a corded barcode scanner that provides extraordinary scanning performance. It reads 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes and can capture pictures and signatures. As the DS4308 reads data off paper as well as off displays, it is immensely versatile. Barcodes of poor quality, such as stained or damaged codes, don’t present a problem whatsoever. Zebra’s PRZM intelligent imaging technology is an advanced technique for improved decoding and fast performance.

The Zebra DS4308 also excels in simple operation. There is no need to align barcode and scanner. Omnidirectional scanning and a large “Sweet Spot” ensure comfortable use and correct results. A bright LED aimer makes it easy to target a barcode from a far distance or to aim at a barcode on a picklist. The operator gets an audible good-read feedback that can be adjusted according to environment. The Zebra DS4308 was designed for everyday use and can withstand several drops from a height of 1.83 m to concrete.

With the Zebra DS4308 it is possible to cover a wide field of applications without the need to purchase several devices. Set-up and configuration of the DS4308 is perfectly easy as interfaces are recognized automatically. Zebra’s clever software tools contribute to convenient operation and management.

SR Standard Range: providing exceptional scanning range
HD High Density: for standard range applications plus very small and dense barcodes

Interfaces: USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, RS-485 (IBM46xx), SSI