ZEBRA FS40/VS40 Fixed Scanner

  • tailored: standard or wide angle FoV; 2.3 MP or 5.1 MP; flexible power supply; up to 9 digital I/O ports; 1 or 2 Ethernet ports
  • fast: capture of 1D, 2D, DPM, OCR at a read rate of up to 60 fps
  • flexible: red, blue, white, or IR illumination, on-site replaceable
  • excellent: optimized performance and management with Zebra Aurora software platform
  • upgradeable: software upgrades for extended functionality, e.g. machine vision
  • robust: resistant against chemicals and oil, IP65 and IP67, compact design, shockproof

Meeting the requirements of international supply chains is a major challenge for companies in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Digitization and automation contribute to fulfilling commitments as planned. The stationary barcode reader Zebra FS40 ensures reliable capture of 1D and 2D barcodes as well as direct part markings (DPM) and texts (OCR). A wide range of features and flexible equipment options are available to adapt to different application fields. The robust industrial scanner enables high-speed and high-precision data capture and transmission. The VS40 version is suitable for machine vision applications.

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ZEBRA FS40/VS40: Fixed Industrial Scanner with Machine Vision Capabilities

Fixed scanner for improved workflows: The capture of barcodes plays a major role in logistics centers, in goods dispatch or in production. The high-performance fixed scanner Zebra FS40 is ultra compact and suitable for a wide range of applications. It enables barcode reading during fast movements and from difficult angles, for example on conveyor belts, at packing lines and warehouse exits. A fixed scanning solution results in more efficient workflows and faster order processing. Real-time track-and-trace data is provided.

High performance and flexibility: The stationary FS40 scanner from Zebra reads all common barcodes and matrix codes as well as DPM and text. Even barcodes that are difficult to read, for example from poorly printed or damaged labels, or part markings from different surfaces (matt, reflective, curved) can be captured without errors, even at high speeds. The FS40 is available with red, blue, white, or infrared lighting. In order to achieve optimum results, field-changeable illumination and filter options can be selected according the application. The powerful scanner is available with a resolution of 2.3 or 5.1 megapixels. The 2.3-megapixel option enables a high frame rate of up to 60 fps, the 5.1-megapixel option of up to 30 fps. You can choose between a standard (30°) and a wide angle (46°) field of view. The auto-tune button enables easy one-touch setup. After setup, this function can be locked.

Machine vision: Machine vision applications, for example with the Zebra VS40, ensure smooth processes and enable automated quality assurance. Machine vision software enables sophisticated industrial image analysis. Such applications can be used to monitor the presence and position of materials and parts, as well as to check completeness or color. The “Golden Image Compare” function, for example, instantly detects deviations. Even minor problems can be quickly identified and solved. Automated workflows result in streamlined processes and increased throughput. The FS40 stationary barcode reader can be upgraded for machine vision applications.

Zebra Aurora software platform: Zebra’s comprehensive Aurora software platform enables control of Zebra’s fixed scanning solutions in manufacturing and logistics. Zebra provides an intuitive HMI dashboard in the web browser for daily operations. The Aurora software solution makes it easy to deploy devices, optimize data capture and create vision solutions. The ManyCode mode, for instance, allows multiple barcodes to be scanned simultaneously. By means of license upgrades, for example for additional decoder packages (e.g. for DPM or OCR) or toolsets for industrial image analysis, the range of functions can be expanded according to requirements.

Multiple connection options: The FS40/VS40 is available with one or two Ethernet ports (Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP). A USB-C, an RS-232 as well as up to nine programmable I/O ports enable connection to peripheral devices such as printers, external storage media or external lighting. They can also be used for automation processes. Power can be supplied via Ethernet (PoE) or a power supply unit. For calibration or presentation purposes, power can also be temporarily supplied via USB-C.

A robust device: The Zebra FS/VS series is designed for industrial environments. The FS40/VS40 has a chemical and oil-resistant aluminum housing and is sealed in accordance with protection classes IP65 and IP67. The device is resistant against shock and vibration.

Accessories: Internal lighting, external lighting, internal filters, brackets, cables, power supplies