Zebra RFD8500-Series Mobile Computers

  • efficient: turbo-speed RFID reading rate (700+ tags/sec.)
  • compatible: usable either with Zebra or third-party mobile devices
  • future-proof: ready for mobile devices now and in the future
  • secure: anti-counterfeit RFID features
  • versatile: supports iOS, Android and soon also Windows operating systems

Broaden the capabilities of your mobile devices by adding one multi-functional gear – the Zebra RFD8500 handheld sled. This highly cost-effective solution lets you use existing Zebra mobile terminals or third-party tablet computers or smart phones for RFID and optionally 1D/2D barcode capture at enterprise level. Simply pair your mobile device with the RFD8500 via Bluetooth and it is ready for use. Sophisticated data collection capabilities ensure ultra-fast and reliable performance. Get the most out of your portable devices by merging them with the Zebra RFD8500 RFID sled.

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ZEBRA RFD8500: Boost Your Mobile Equipment

Are you already using Zebra mobile terminals and require an RFID function? Or are you using customary tablets or smart phones but need enterprise-standard barcode and RFID collection features? The Zebra RFD8500 presents an ideal and economical solution lifting your own equipment to a higher functionality level. The mobile device can either be attached to the sled with a Quad Lock mount or the handheld sled can be used in standalone mode while the connected mobile device is kept in a pocket or put on a desk nearby. The Zebra RFD8500 can be easily paired via Bluetooth.

The Zebra RFD8500 is available as RFID-only sled or together with an integrated high-performance imager for top-quality 1D and 2D barcode capture. Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology makes sure barcodes are reliably scanned and decoded, even if they are damaged, stained or of poor quality. It exceeds by far the barcode reading capabilities of conventional smart phones or tablet computers. Switch between barcode scanning and RFID reading simply by pressing a button.

To ensure broad application options, the Zebra RFD 8500 RFID sled is compatible with Android-, iOS- and soon also with Windows-based devices. The Zebra Easy Text Interface (ZETI) enables easy, cross-platform communication with the host system for simple integration and operation.

The Zebra RFD8500 handheld sled comes with outstanding RFID features. To protect tags from cloning, the RFD8500 supports cryptographic tag authentication. Its ultra-fast reading and writing capability of more than 700 tags per second make it the perfect tool to enhance workflow efficiency.

Optimized power management and strong Li-Ion batteries ensure enough energy for at least a whole shift. The Zebra RFD8500 RFID sled can be used independently, storing collected data in batch mode (40,000+ RFID tags and/or 500 barcodes) and transferring it to the host later. This option provides maximum flexibility.

No doubt, the Zebra RFD8500 handheld sled presents a real gain for your enterprise if you require top-performance RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanning (opt.) features.