Mobile Computers

Handheld Computers - Tablet PCs - Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Making use of mobile data entry (MDE), relevant data can be recorded regardless of location and stored for other processes. Mobile devices are commonly used for these purposes in industrial, manufacturing, logistics and trading businesses. These technical devices primarily record data from barcodes or RFID coding. The small mobile computers are equipped with displays so that operating them is simple and intuitive.

Mobile computers can be helpful in all stages of goods registration and logistics – because they are with you at all times and are always ready for use. These easily transported devices can also be integrated into vehicles such as fork-lift trucks. The versatile readers are used in indoor and outdoor environments. They are robust and user-friendly.

Mobile data acquisition allows business processes to be optimized because

  1. time is saved during data handling and because
  2. goods allocations, as well as warehouse and production processes, are organized more dynamically and simply.

A large selection of different display sizes and protection classes are available. We can supply easy to handle mobile computers from established brands such as Advantech DLoG, Cipherlab, Honeywell, Panasonic, Soredi, Unitech and Zebra/Symbol.