Printronix Auto ID T6000/T6000e Label Printers

  • variable: wide variety of applications
  • simple: easy to integrate into existing systems
  • sophisticated: 100% accurate barcodes, up to 14 ips
  • productive: extremely fast printing
  • durable: robust construction

Printronix Auto ID is setting standards with the new T6000 model, the next-generation industrial label printer. Whether in production, transport, logistics, automotive industry or retail - it all depends on fast, smooth work processes. The Printronix T6000 provides up to 14 ips at 203 dpi and 12 ips at 300 dpi. This is speed combined with high print quality.

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PRINTRONIX AUTO ID T6000/T6000e: Trend-setting Technology

The T6000 Barcode Printer from Printronix Auto ID is easy to use with an interactive display and intuitive control panel. It can be easily integrated into any type of management system (plug-and-play with original SAP driver) to ensure a smooth start.

The ARM Cortex-A9 processor ensures fast processing of data. The “WiFi Security Protocol” ensures the security of the data and blocks unauthorized access. Configure, monitor and manage the T6000 printer with “PrintNet Enterprise Auto ID”, a printer management tool that lets you control your device from anywhere. In the event of an irregularity, you will immediately receive notification by email or on your mobile phone to intervene promptly and to minimize delays in the workflow.

A consistently high quality is made possible by the “Online Data Validation Technology” (ODV), a web-based quality control system.

Versatility is essential to meet the challenges of a globalized world. Printronix T6000 label printer supports RFID for a wide range of applications (such as on-pitch, short-pitch, standard pitch). A huge range of fonts and symbols is available. Software solutions, such as Postscript PDF for particularly complex labels, extend the usability of this printer. In addition, all relevant ERP systems are supported.

Also in terms of applications the Printronix Auto ID T6000 is extremely variable. Print labels for pallets, boxes, parcels or even delivery notes, invoices etc. Its robust construction makes the printer look good even where it is rough. He can print a whole shift continuously without overheating – due to temperature control.

Exemplary quality combined with clever solutions for a particularly wide range of applications make the T6000 barcode printer from Printronix Auto ID a good choice.